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06 Feb 2024

20th & 21st February 2024 No Online Withdrawals Available

Due to staff shortage we will be unable to process online withdrawals on Tuesday, 20th & Wednesday 21st February 2024

22 Nov 2023


The Bank of Scotland has ceased it cheque cashing facility.  We are unable to issue cheques for cashing at the bank.

26 Oct 2023

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Save With Your Credit Union

The Credit Union belongs to its members therefore this main account is called a Share Account.

To be a member of the credit union you must have £1.00 in your share account and each share is only ever worth £1.00.

Benefits of Credit Union savings

  • Instant withdrawal can be made providing your shares are not held as security against a loan
  • Life insurance is provided on the account up to a maximum of £10,000. 100% of your shares may be awarded up to the age of 65 years reducing to 25% up to age 80 years (subject to pre-existing conditions)
  • Subject to the credit union making a profit at our financial year end the Board of Directors may recommend a dividend payout to all members with approval being sought at the Annual General Meeting
Junior Account

Dumbarton Credit Union provides accounts for those under 18 years of age.

The Junior Account can start at birth.  All we need is a birth certificate of the child and identification for the adult opening the account unless they are already a member of the credit union.

The adult can then operate the account.  Anyone can pay into the account but only the named adult can withdraw.  Withdrawals can be made at any time by the guardian operating the account.

The maximum amount which can be held in this account is £7,500.00.

Usually this is the case until the child reaches 18 years when they will transfer to an adult member account.  It is possible to allow the child to operate the account from the age of 8 years, please ask for details.

If the credit union makes a profit at the end of the financial year then interest is credited to the junior account.  The amount is decided by the Board of Directors.

Super Savers

Dumbarton Credit Union provides support to local primary schools who run a Super Savers Account.

Pupils join at their school and once a week a collection point is provided for pupils to pay into their account with Dumbarton Credit Union.

The main aim of this facility is to educate pupils to save and not just spend. Once they learn the saving habit at a young age research shows that it stays with them all their lives.

The idea is that the child's money is saved and not the parents'. Educating a child not to spend all their pocket money but to save some of it be it 20p or 50p.

To join the guardian/parent must provide identification at the school which is photocopied and returned immediately. If they are already a member of Dumbarton Credit Union then this is not required. The pupil's identification is provided by the school. A short application form is completed and the pupil will be provided with a savings card with an account number.

The pupils themselves operate the collection point in the schools by taking the money recording this on the collection sheet and entering the transaction on the pupil's card. This helps them with counting money and adding and recording balances. They are supervised by volunteer parents/guardians who bank the money for us.

Ask at your child's school or contact us directly.

Special Savings Account

Although most people save with us through the main savings account we also provide an account specifically for that special item or occassion.

Most members use this to save for Christmas but it has been known for weddings, large household items like suites or that specific goal which you thought out of reach.

The advantage of this account is that should you also have a loan with us these funds are not tied to the loan and can be withdrawn at any time.

The free Life Savings Insurance does not apply to this account.

This account attracts the same dividend as the main savings account if awarded at the AGM.

If you are interested in this account please contact us.

Corporate Savings Account

Dumbarton Credit Union offers a corporate savings account for organisations.

We require a constitution or equivalent to provide proof of organisation authenticity.

This is operated in a similar way to members' main account allowing anyone to pay in and instant withdrawals.

Identification is required for all authorised account signatories and the organisation will determine how many signatures are required for withdrawals.

Free life insurance is not applicable with corporate accounts.

Payroll Deduction

Dumbarton Credit Union works in partnership with local employers and can offer payroll deductions directly from your employer to your account with us. This is especially beneficial for loan repayments.

With this money coming straight off your wages it gives you peace of mind that your loan is being paid.

We can split your deductions between savings and loans at your request.

The following companies already take part:

  • West Dunbartonshire Council
  • Dunbritton Housing Association

If you are an employer and are interested in providing this service for your employees, please contact us.