Main Savings Account

The Credit Union belongs to its members therefore this main account is called a Share Account.  

To be a member of the credit union you must have £1.00 in your share account and each share is only ever worth £1.00.  

This account provides many benefits.

The ability to apply for a loan initially depends on the shares you have in your Share Account.

Instant withdrawal can be made providing your shares are not held as security against a loan.

Life insurance is provided on the account up to a maximum of £10,000. 100% of your shares may be awarded up to the age of 65 years reducing to 25% up to age 80 years (subject to pre-existing conditions).

Subject to the credit union making a profit at our financial year end the Board of Directors may recommend a dividend payout to all members with approval being sought at the Annual General Meeting.  


Dumbarton Credit Union funds are used locally and ethically to help others