Founded in 1990 by a small group of like minded activists, who wished to provide a positive alternative to high

interest loan companies and loan sharks, the Credit Union has now become a focal point for good and ethical

banking facilities within the area. The membership has grown from just 27 members in 1990 to currently over

3,300 active adult members and 1,400 junior account holders. Since 2007 the Credit Union has introduced

saving facilities for pupils in a number of schools and hopes to include all schools within our common bond. In

2020 Dumbarton Credit Union will celebrate 30 years of successful business growing year on year.

For the story of how the credit union originally started please click here  https://dumbartoncreditunion.org/login/uploads/DCU~History~startup.docx

For a comprehensive history of the formation of Dumbarton Credit Union please click here https://dumbartoncreditunion.org/login/uploads/DCU~History~long.docx

Dumbarton Credit Union funds are used locally and ethically to help others