Credit Unions

Credit Unions are 'not for profit' organisations which provide savings and loans to the public. 

We are here to help the public and as our members are our owners we ensure that we put their needs first.

The are two types of credit union - community and industrial.

Community - live or work in a certain area - Dumbarton, G postcode

Industrial - work for a specific employer - Police, NHS

Some credit unions are run only by staff, some only by volunteers and others have a mixture of both.  The Board of Directors of any credit union must be volunteers.

There are approximately 240 credit unions in Great Britian which are individual organisations in their own right.

As at end September 2020 over 1,355,360 people belong to a credit union with £1.68 billion savings and £1 billion out on loan.  As credit unions get more publicity and become more popular this will increase.

Credit Unions also interact with the local community re-enforcing their social responsibility.



Dumbarton Credit Union funds are used locally and ethically to help others